The Wallpaper Buying Guide…
From drab to fabulous, wallpapers have the ability to create a statement space if chosen correctly. Here is how you can find the perfect wallpaper for your room. Please note, each point is equally important and there is no sequence involved.
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Many people prefer subtle patterns and quiet shades in their bedroom while go for brighter shades for living room. Taking care of the room's use also plays an important role. For instance, a teenager's room is not the place for fragile wallpapers and you can't go all bold colors with the elderly. If durability is your concern, then the vinyl options are as good as the real ones and that too for less money. These are also great for high traffic and moisture areas as they can be cleaned easily.

It is a always advisable to measure the exact area of the space ( while keeping an extra 10 percent for waste and cutting) you wish to put your wallpaper before buying.

Calculating the space

First, measure each wall of the room from floor to ceiling vertically and from one corner to another horizontally by a measuring tape. Then multiply both these values. Subtract the doorways and windows from your measurements (if any). Now, add all the measurements to get the total area you need to wallpaper.

If the room has a lesser height, then it is advisable to go for wallpapers that have vertical patterns with soft and cool colors like light blue, green, violet etc. On the same note, horizontal patterns are used to create a wider appeal. For smaller rooms, it is a good idea to go for bright colors with minimum designs instead of dark shades as they make the room look tiny.

Proper alignment of the wallpapers is important and ignorance on the part could create damage the appeal of the concerned space. To avoid such situations, you can paint a 1 inch-stripe of white color at the top of the wall and start pasting the paper keeping it as the benchmark.

Generally, cost of the wallpaper depends on the quality of the wallpaper both material and print wise. However, machine printed wallpapers, vinyl and paper backed options are affordable when compared to the ones made from glass cloth, leather and metal.

While using our tool for selecting the wallpapers, you can see a price meter running alongside the tool that displays the approximate of price of the chosen wallpaper. This helps you keep your expenses within budget.

  • How often will you redecorate?

    If the answer is less than three years then it is advisable to go for affordable wallpapers, so that you can apply another one again.
  • The kind of impression you wish to make?

    If the idea of putting up wallpapers makes you nervous then go for simple patterns with neutral colors and warm up to the idea. In case you are ready to experiment, then apply bold colors and patterns to create a statement. Many people use wallpapers to cover the tops of dining table, kitchen backsplashes to even TV consoles.
  • Can I do it myself?

    Working with traditional wallpapers can be a nightmare for a layman, and once something goes wrong, it’s difficult to take it over without starting it again. However, you can apply wall stickers on your own.