The Italian marble buying guide...
Marble flooring quarried from italy is known as Italian tiles or Italian Flooring. They are loved for their high luster and visual appeal
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  • Colors -

    Italian flooring is available in a host of subtle colors. It is advisable to choose the fitting option according to the interiors of the room. You can do it the easy way by using our tool Kataak that offers real time viewing of different Italian marble options in an environment similar to your home.
  • Budget -

    Italian Flooring is expensive when compared to the general marble flooring variety.
  • Usage -

    Italian marble has less traction, hence not suitable for high traffic and slip prone areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
  • 1. Calacatta -

    It is one of the most popular of Italian marbles. It feels similar to porcelain with veining designs and a beautiful glossy finish.

  • 2. Pietra -

    Pietra is Italian porcelain that comes in large format sizes and gives a natural stone look.

  • 3. Greige -

    Greige is a highly polished marble replicating the Tuscan look. It is usually available in shades of grey and comes in bigger sizes.

  • 4. Suolo -

    Suolo tiles gives a traditional look to the space as it comes with small grouts with rectified edges.

  • High polished Italian tiles are not advisable for high traffic areas as it can easily get scratches and stains.
  • Italian marble may get stains and scratches after a period. You can restore the look by getting it polished regularly.
  • Be careful while handling heavy objects over an Italian floor as it may cause scratches and damage the marble.