Though ignored by many, it is important to understand that ceilings play an important part in defining the overall decor of a space. And this doesn't mean that you need to spend a bomb getting an artificial one.
You can do so much with your plain ceiling too. Here is a guide to designing your plain ceilings
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Here is a guide to creating stunning plain ceilings.

  • Paint them -

    If you are bored with the regular white or cream in the room then you can play with colors to bring out a dramatic effect in the space. It is ideal to use light shades like sea green, light blue, beige or cream, if you have a small room. If not, then you can also go for dark shades to create an intimate environment.

  • Wallpaper -

    Yes, you can cover the drab ceilings with vibrant wallpapers, suiting the theme of the room.

  • Stripes and Graffiti -

    If you plan to create a trendy and hip look in spaces like your kid's bedroom or study room or the living room then you plan some graffiti art over the ceilings. You can also paint the area in stripes or other geometric patterns to create a quirky appeal.

  • Outline with POP -

    Though basic, put outlining the ceiling with POP can create wonders to a space. You can even color them in shades of your choice too.

  • Play with height variations -

    If you wish to plan separate areas within the space, then playing with the ceiling height is a great idea. For instance, for creating a reading corner or bar in the living room area, you can get the ceiling height in that particular space lowered (using bars or cement).

  • Waterproofing

    - Before planning any ceiling décor, ensure that there are no water seepage issues in the area. If you are constructing a new house or room, it is advisable to ask your contractor to use waterproof materials.
  • Check Height Variations

    - The basic rule for ceiling height goes like this- Bigger spaces suit taller ceilings and shorter ones are for smaller spaces.