1. Determine the Layout

Foremost, one should give attention to the layout of the bathroom. Whether you want the bathing area separated or with a toilet seat. Choose according to the available space, needs and comfort. Once done, make an estimate of the space in the bathroom and plan where the sanitary wares would be placed and what should be their sizes.

Tip: Mark the points with a permanent marker for the spaces reserved for sanitary wares to be placed.


2. Choosing the Right Sanitary Ware

Now, you should move towards selecting the right sanitary ware. It is a bit tricky to choose as the range is quite wide. However, you should keep in mind the available space, overall color, budget and design theme and comfort level with a particular sanitary ware while making your choice. In India, people generally find themselves confused between western or Indian lavatories. If comfort is your agenda or you have elderly family members then you should go for western toilets, otherwise select the latter.

Water closet is one of the best options for the bathing area as it is durable and offers an elegant feel to the space. You can also go for bathtubs or shower arrangement. For elements like water fixtures, basin, tap and bathroom hangers, choose the ones that fit in the available space and blends well with the overall décor. Fittings in stainless steel are quite popular nowadays for their look and durability.

Tip: ou can use our online designing platform Kataak.com that lets you choose and visualize sanitary fittings in a real time environment.

3. Selecting the Tiles

Tiles are a priority when it comes to bathroom remodeling or designing. They can make the space look beautiful and comfortable. However, selecting tiles is quite complicated and confusing for many. Choose the one that looks best with the space while ensuring that they are of the anti-skid finish variety. Textured tiles are also a good option here.

Types: You can read about the variety of tiles here.


4. Choosing Tile Colors

Large sized Bathroom – For large bathrooms, there is no rule when it comes to tile colors as bigger spaces can accommodate any shade easily. But, going for tiles with bright and saturated hues bring more light to the room and make them look luxurious.

Small sized Bathroom – If you have a small bathroom, then it is advisable to go for light shades as dark colors makes the area look even smaller and suffocated. One can opt for the variations of white, light green, beige etc.

Tip: Mosaic tile is the best option for the shower area and mottled pattern tiles are ideal for floor tiling. Try to go for neutral colors such as off white, light brown, light olive colors as they give a neat look to the bathroom.

Happy Bathroom Decorating to you !